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Questions posted in the Breast Cancer Forum are answered by medical professionals and experts. Topics include Breast Biopsy, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Lumps, Lumpectomy, Lymph node dissection, Lymphedema, Mammograms, Mastectomy, Radiation Therapy, Reconstruction, Self Breast Exam, and Surgery.
i had a mammo a week ago..id like to know in lamens term what the above means exactly..no family hx of ca..sister had some benign lumps r...
Age 55. have large hard lump in outer portion of breast that moves slightly. Could it be anything other than cancer?
I have a pea sized lump in each armpit. They seem to be appearing and dissappearing over the last couple of weeks and have been very pai...
I'm very new at this, on July 26th I had a mammogram & was called back for a magnified mommogram. I have been called and told I need to s...
I have a remote family history of breast cancer. Years ago I got hit very hard with a racquet ball in the right breast. When I got a mamm...
I'm so glad I found this site. I recently had my annual and the doctor found a small lump. I was already expecting to be scheduled for m...
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