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I would like to ask something. I recently discovered a lump on my armpit 2 months ago. Its small and a bit painful when i touch it. Last ...
Hello everyone, my mother this week got the results that cancer has affected her kidney, stomach and ovaries. I think that in this forum ...
My nan has just recently had stomach cancer romoved and now it's back but floating above her liver can someone tell me if this can be tre...
I am 68 and have regular yearly mammograms. This year I was called back for a diagnostics mamogram and ultrasound on my right breast due ...
So, I've gone to the hospital for a UTI (back in December). About two weeks after that, I noticed it started to hurt when I passed a stoo...
I'm a 19 year old female that went to the emergency room in early May because of severe chest pain and trouble breathing for a week. Sinc...
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