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This forum is for questions and support regarding child behavior issues such: Child Discipline (behavior management), Normal Child Development, Parent-Child Communications, Social Development
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my sister in law received two depo shots after she was pregnant.doctor did not test her before she received 2nd shot.she has a four year...
My niece is 7 going on 8 and has some definite behavioral issues that we are working through. The biggest thing lately is that, she has n...
My 20 month old son was diagnosed w/ 10Q deletion syndrome. From what I understand this particular syndrome is rare. I have search many w...
My nine year old son is very energetic and creative. He is full of enthusiasm for life and loves to be the center of attention. If he thi...
My son is 5 years old and has always been really attached to me. I am a stay at home mom. He started preschool when he was 3 years old a...
My 13 year old daughter is suffering from , what her drs believe, conversion disorder. To give some background, she had a rough and somew...
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