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Hi everyone I lost my father 7 years ago to heart disease, some of you know already. I'm curious, why does the field of Cardiology ...
Left Circumflex Artery: Dominant Vessel with mild irregularities. What does it means?
Dear Experts, A year and a half ago my husband (59yo) had a cardiac CT scan. His total score was very high at 1400. He immediately ...
My CAC score is 1190 , no symptoms of heart problems and Nuclear Stress test is negative. What should I do next. Would you recommend sten...
Hi I am a 14 boy. Recently I have been experiencing dull pains in my chest and numbness in my arm. At one point my asthma got out of cont...
Please take a moment to reach out to erijon, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate him! He has been a Community Leader in CAD ...
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