HBV Treatments but not by IFN or antiviral drugs Group

In this HBV group let us share information and experiences relating to HBV management that is not by IFN or antiviral drugs.
Below is my diary of managing my chronic HBV with foods, herbs and adjusted life style. To my English readers, I apologize I lack time t...
2007 AASLD Guideline for chronic HBV offers IFN and antiviral drugs as treatments. IFN has such strong side effects that my ability to dr...
Many Patients with ALTs in the High-Normal Range Have Liver Damage. Journal ReviewApril 1, 2010, Vol 7, no 4 by Christine M. KukkaMa...
There's a doctor in New Mexico named Burt Berkson who claims to have had some success using Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, and Milk Thistle...
I, an HBV patient, hereby state once for all, that all I am doing in the sections below is to try to share my treatment experience with f...
Anyone tried to stop antivirals (any reason side effects, fear of side effects, cost or preference to natural remedies) and proceeded wit...
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