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I am fallen from 2wheeler. At that time injured my forehead and i am in coma nearly 45 days. i am read that in Doctors Report collected s...
I have a hard time figuring out if I have Meniere's or Labyrinthitis. I have been diagnosed with both, and recently my ENT and myself are...
I Rodriguez Finley has experienced this annoying ringing of the ears. During my flight on Southwest Airlines 2013. I was so much pain , ...
Odd question, but my dentist wants to start replacing my ancient huge fillings with crowns, and I seem to remember there's a lot of drill...
Almost two weeks ago, I woke up with a hearing loss in my LEFT ear. Went to the doc, got referred to a neurotologist, had an audiogram. N...
I'm wanting to be proactive about protecting my hearing and wanted to ask for some advice about noise exposure while driving in my car. ...
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