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I take klonopin and Paxil and eat one meal a day and notice I have pvcs after I think I indulge too much food at once
Ever since November 2008, I've had issues with my blood pressure. Almost constantly, my blood pressure was around 160/100, sometimes even...
is this a fancy word for blockage? and what is decreased function capacity? And is there treatment for this? thanks JB
I have undiagnosed chest pain for two years now. It was started for a flicking on my upper left chest until got a panic attacked. From th...
my baby is 6 months now and was born without a sternum - his doctors want to add a piece of metal to top of ribs to hold them together un...
Dear Doctors recently one of my very close friend had the mild pain near heart or side stomach and doctor advice to do an angiography...
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