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Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Community

I was diagnosed with stage 3 hidradenitis 6 years ago and I'm in constant pain I get no relief even though I am on pain meds. I have clus...
I have just gotten another golf ball sized flare up which has now gotten some dark red blotches on it almost like a blood blisters, one o...
I have recently been told I have HS after 10 years of wondering why I'm getting cysts and abcesses. I would like some advice on what to d...
My daughter is suffering from HS for past 3 years. Any advice on what works ?
hello everyone, i am a patient of HS who have been suffering from it for the past 12 years, i was almost into stage 3, tried everything ...
I'm worried my doctor is over-prescribing me Doxycycline for my newly diagnosed HS. He told me I just have a mild case, yet in addition t...
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