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Has anyone ever heard of someone getting endo cancer while on the combination birth control pill? Just curious
I had been on the pill for approximately 25-30 years. I am 52. Dr took me off the pill last year because of my age. I was off for exactly...
I just went got into menopause. My FSH is at the high end, no periods for over a year etc. I had a bone density done and my spine and hip...
Has anyone else entered menopause and completed it without any symptoms minus the obvious periods? I FINALLY went to my Dr to get a blood...
im a active, healthy 58 yr old woman. I had one pregnancy. no issues giving birth. I went off the pill in my 30's which alleviated my pms...
I just left my dermatologists office for skin and hair related issues and she told me that I am menopausal. She says she believes that my...
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