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I had procedure done Nov 16 for post menopausal bleed. Adder the procedure, there was very little bleeding initially. I even stopped we...
Help I’m 37 had regular periods then bam nothing since August. My cycles are long about 35-37 days. I’m freaking out because I didn’t see...
Blood work is as follows: LH 76.0, FSH 116.0, Progesterone 0.2, Estradiol <5.0, TSH is 2.410. Had an endometrial ablation in 2013, so n...
I am 64 and overweight, has had no period since i was 48, all my results has been normal i suffer from Fibromyalgia and nerve problems fo...
I've gotten the hormone replacement pellets three times prior to this last one, about 4 months apart. Wonderful outcomes with those, exc...
I was having normal cycles last one mid July. A few days after I had light spotting and stupid me asked the gp to add hormones to my test...
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