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I turned 50 in Dec. Up until Jan I had normal regular periods. In Feb. I had a period with heavy bleeding and it didn't stop for 3 weeks....
One year ago my FSH was 35 ( I am 55 years old) menopausal. Today I just got my FSH it is 0.7 why the drop? I am clotting and had a hys...
I am 50 and still having regular periods. Recently I had an episode of heavy bleeding so bad the gyno sent me for d and c that day. All...
Hello I’m 48 and have missed 3 missed periods. I have severe night sweats and bad cramps. I usually have insomnia but for over a month I’...
I have seen my gyn for my annual pap test. They have all come back normal (thank God). My problem is that I have cramping much like pre...
I just turned 31 and suddenly I am experiencing vaginal dryness. Looking on internet I am shocked it is major symptoms of menopause. I ha...
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