Methadone Community Group

Those who have pain and have to live with it daily. No matter what reason you are on methadone for your welcome here. A place where others can talk and feel they are not alone.
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Hi everyone I just wanted to drop a little note to let everyone know what is going on. Well I have made it to 6 months clean from the met...
heres my story: I'm a recovering heroin addict & I've been taking methadone for the last 8 years. I've been taking 90mgs for the pa...
Hi I am new to Medhelp so if I double posted I am sorry. Anyway I am preg and was addicted to hydrocodone 10 mg 3X a day. I wanted to jus...
I'm new yes,but i never would have found this forum or knew there was ever anything like it accept i'm being detoxed and i was trying to ...
Its been 14 days off of Methadone. I stopped coldturkey at 120mgs. I hate to love this drug. I went to the clinic for the wrong reasons a...
Dear members, I apologise for my prior message which contained a lot of rambling - I seem to be worked up over this issue and am now dum...
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