Methadone Community Group

Those who have pain and have to live with it daily. No matter what reason you are on methadone for your welcome here. A place where others can talk and feel they are not alone.
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can someone tell me what i should expect when i am getting off the last mg of methadone? will i be just as sick when i stop off of .5mg a...
Hello, i am new here and have been on methadone for about 10 months at 68mgs A day. My question is to anyone who is tapering at 2mgs a d...
Hi, I've been on Lorazepam and Codeine for just over a year. About 4 months ago my doctor put me on half/half Methodone & Codeine, whe...
I am an IV dilaudid/heroin addict. At the peak of my addiction i was IVing up to 110 mgs of dilaudid a day (12mg at a time). I quit and w...
If you are taking Morphine for a couple of months and the doctor changes you to Methadone, will the Methadone prevent withdrawal symptoms...
Counting on 73 days off of Methadone...Sorry I had to post before 75 days I just could not wait. It is kind of unreal it seemed so hard 7...
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