This is a group for anyone who is currently living in limbo land with a neurological disorder but doesn't have a diagnosis. Many people are living with chronic and disabling neurological problems which mirror such diseases as multiple sclerosis, lupus, M.E., Fibromyalgia, Lymes disease, Vitimin D deficiency, Migraines, Parkinsons yet have no diagnosis and are left to literally struggle on alone. I have set up this group to help support people through their journey, whether its just for a moan, sharing a joke, experiences, advise on how to survive just plain anything. I know there are a lot of us out there. Anyone who feels lost, or needs to share or just wants a big hug please join, there will always be someone to give you support. OUR MOTTO IS: "we are still all in this together..no matter what point of our journey we are in...limbo, dx. or just joining...we are all here for a reason...to seek support, make a friend and find answers..."
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hey everyone Maria had asked if i could give some background on what has been going on with me..here it goes: In November 2002 I sa...
Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. Not been on the forum in a while. Couple of updates are that my ANA was recently slightly raised...
I am a knew member. I have a lot of diagnosed symptoms but no disease diagnosis. When I was a baby I didn't sleep, so I was given meds t...
Here are my symptoms: Headache, ranging from annoyance to migraine, every second of every day for 21 months. Left sided pain, loss ...
I am a RN who after 6 years finally have crossed over from undiagnosed land to being diagnosed with Lupus and a blood disorder called het...
rpoore (@rpoore) posted · Fri, Feb 20 1:25am · View Hi i am so lost as u can see by my pic i have facial swelling that has been here...
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