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This patient support community is for discussions relating to teen health, including abuse, acne and skin, alcohol and drugs, ADD/ADHD, exercise, growth disorders, infectious diseases, learning disorders, nutrition, piercings and tattoos, teen pregnancy, relationships, safe sex, sports injuries, STDs, vaccines, and weight loss.
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Hi, I'm here because I am never hungry anymore. I can't even remember when this started happening, but my parents and sibling have notice...
Hi,I recently discovered a bump with the shape of a grape in the surface of the anus , on the inside. It is visible when spreading my che...
Sometimes when I pee it's difficult to get the urine out, my foreskin will feel tight and I'll press to pee but nothing will come out but...
What would cause one of my balls to sweel up and cause server pain. Been going on for four years
hi, im a 16 year old female never had any problems with my health. its embarrassing to say when i first started high school is when i st...
Okay, so I've had this problem for a long time about pubic hair shedding. I often shed hair throughout my cycle and I also have very tend...
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