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I've had TMJ many years but just recently experienced extreme light and sound sensitivity when I had severe jaw pain one day. I experie...
Hello Dear Community, So about 2 months ago started to get really really nauseous and dizzy at times with mild to severe headaches. ...
After 3 years of constant 24 hour pain in my facial muscles and jaw have finally been diagnosed with TMJ issues. I had an MRI which sh...
A big lump in my face has swollen up. It feels like a ridge of muscle or tissue about half an inch under my cheekbone (zygomatic arch) an...
I've had TMJ for many years, never experienced popping sounds in jaw. It's been popping for almost three weeks now, (no pain just sound)b...
I have had a crossbite since as far as I remember. I started treatment with braces when I was 13, and had them removed when I was 16. I w...
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