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Addicted to benzos, need admit to detox

Ecmc only takes you for detox if you're in "acute withdrawal".
My problem is I can't stop long enough to get myself into acute w.d! I have to be in a place where I CANNOT HAVE, so I trying to get in, but cant stop taking, so can't get in! What a vicious circle! Any suggestions? How to get admitted without acute w.d?? Are there magic words to say, or can you fake your vital signs??? I'm doing this TODAY, any advice ASAP PLEASE
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I'm sorry Katy but the only way in is to be in wd then you need to be in wd. There are no magic words and you can not fake wd I just came off 2mgs of Ativan a day. It was very difficult. Being in detox where they can medicate symptoms would be ideal It was scary doing it alone I do not recommend that as seizures can happen.. Can you give your pills to someone so you can not get them and stay with someone till in wd? I;m here if you would like to talk.. lesa
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