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opiate, heroin, and Fentynol withdrawal PLEASE HELP

Ive been kidnapped by my son cuz he says he’s not going to let me die a drug addict. But I’m stuck in a truck cuz he owns a transport co. I don’t want to lose everything but I got to feel better NOW
Please help
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Hello are you still with your brother?
Did he "kidnap" you because he is concerned for you.
Tell us about yourself.
He’s my son & yes
But he wants my help driving for the next 2mo which is great but now he wants to make demands on me that I’m not agreeing to right now.
I still feel like crap every day! But I guess it gets a tiny better every day. My zanex script & my smoke pen from Colorado helps a little, the Only thing that really helps is laying on the 10” sub woofer bumping to g easy & upchurch lol
What else do you wanna know about me? Besides how miserable I feel...lol
Sorry it took me so long to get back with you, you’re post (this one) is the first I’ve read and the 1st I’ve answered so I’m sure we’ll talk again.
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How are you doing Sheri?
I hope & pray you are feeling better.
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