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How do I deal with my addict husband?

He's not like a normal addict but uses different "drugs" different days. it's either alcohol, kratom, or nitrous gas. The nitrous gas scares me the most. His lips turn blue and it's like he's peaced out from the world. He sat in bed from 9pm-11am just doing nitrous gas then passing out and repeating. Keep in mind we have a 17 month old that I got up with. Cleaned the house, made breakfast, did laundry. He just kept inhaling the gas then passing back out. He even texted his boss and went into work 4 hours late. I don't think this is normal. He doesn't want to be confronted and just ignores me when I tell him it bothers me.... should I leave? Should I stay? A 24 year old with a family shouldn't be doing this. I don't find it normal.
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It's normal for an addict, not normal for a non addict. He needs help. He's wasting his best years and putting his life at risk. He probably has no idea that he is an addict as the drugs have a way of putting us (i'm an addict 17 years clean and sober.) in denial to the most obvious harmful habits that everyone but us, can see. Have you seen the show Intervention.? If not, try to see a few shows to see what goes on. An Intervention and Rehab are often essential to an addict having a choice as to whether they use drugs, or resist. It is run by addicts in recovery. You can talk to an Addictions Therapist and find out what you should do next. He works, and often an addicts needs are not dealt with, because their job is keeping the family afloat. I don't know what your circumstances are, and if it's possible that his employer might allow him the time to go to rehab ((often companies allow their employees the time to go to a 30 day rehab by putting them on medical leave.) You should if possible, give him a choice, he goes to rehab, or he leaves home.Often this is the only thing that works to get an addict to take their addictions seriously.  Where would that leave you? Do you have supportive family to help you? In the event that he refuses, or cannot get to rehab, do you have family that you could stay with , or are you financially independent and able to look after yourself and your children.? Addiction doesn't go away by itself, it must be dealt with. It also always gets worse with time,  If he's open to trying new drugs, he can get a bad batch of anything that can kill him in a moment. There's no time to waste, he is in danger of losing his life. I'm here if you ever need to talk, by private message. (hit on the name of the person you want to talk to, and when in their profile page, hit "send a message") Liz
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