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How to support a loved one withdrawing from meth?

I have a very close loved one who took their fourth and allegedly last weekend high with meth a couple of days ago. They suffer from depression and social anxiety disorder normally. The past couple of days they have become increasingly hard to get in contact with which isn't typical of them, though they did tell me they were OK and I told them I'm just a text or phone call away if they need me, but I've not personally witnessed their withdrawal in the past when they quit meth for the time being. I know next to nothing about the drug and was wondering if nearly-complete social isolation is going to be normal during their withdrawal. How long will it last? Should I leave them totally alone and let them initiate contact? Should I check in regularly or just once and then wait for them to get back to me? Don't take this as me feeling guilty and blaming myself because I'm not, it's just their life started falling apart with their sobriety and everything when we had a huge argument and stopped talking for a month and a bunch of really stressful things happened to them, so I want to support them as best as I can while allowing them to get back to standing on their own two feet.
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Hello & welcome. Are ou referring to methadone or methamphetamines?
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