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Mother is a "recovering" heroin addict.

My mother is recovering from heroin addiction. She's been struggling with opiates for about 7-8 years. This lasted up until about 3 1/2 years ago when my father and I discovered she was shooting up with my aunt who had been estranged for many many years. We sent her to rehab and she was placed on a methadone program while also attending AA by court order. She is now done with AA and still is on methadone (on for over 2 years and recently drowsy all the time), however I have recently discovered Xanax (not prescribed) in her purse when I went to get some aspirin (they were in the Aleve bottle). When I confronted her it devolved into a shouting match in which she also shoved me, beyond this I've also noticed circular bruises on her forearm near her inner elbow and on the back of her knee (she played it of as a pinch from  friend) and she has also been running water in the bathroom when she goes. I know all these are tell-tell signs, but every time I try and confront her she says I'm nosy and it turns into a match between to rhinos butting heads. My dad and I don't know what to do as it seems she has no interest in what we have to say.
I'm at a loss as I've taken care of my 2 year old sister since she was born and want to start living my own life, yet I'm torn as I love my mother but terrified of what might happen if I leave my sister in her care while I go to work with my father like I was planned too.
I guess I just feel lost and could use some guidance
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hello marty and welcome. i am sorry your post got overlooked. i am sorry that you are going through this with your mom. i can understand your frustration, worry, & concern.it is very hard to watch someone we love in addiction.

mixing xanax with methadone is very dangerous. both are respiratory and central nervous system
depressants. she could very well be using heroin too.
methadone takes a while to get off of. it has to be tapered.
she really should be still attending
AA/NA, celebrate recovery, church something to help her.

you and your dad should go to al-anon. it is a support group for the loved ones of addicts.
trying to talk with an addict about their addiction most time turns into a shouting match.
you can't reason with them when they are using. they aren't thinking straight.

how old are you? you are worried about your mom and your little sister. of course you are you love them. your dad should be the one to talk with your mom about the fact that it isn't safe to
leave your sister with her. addicts will lie, manipulate and try to shift blame for their use on others.

your dad needs to take control of the money so your mom doesn't have it to buy more drugs.
how old is your mom?


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