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****Clonidine Question******

Long story short.  My doctor switched my Ativan to Clonidine 0.01 for my PMDD night sweats.  Has anyone ever taken it for this reason?  Did it work, and is 0.01 a low dose.  I am afraid to take it because I don't have high BP.  Just curious and nervous about taking it.  

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0.1 mg is a pretty standard dose of clonidine and I do not beleive you need to monitor your BP at any dose under 0.2 mg.

I recently begain taking it myself to help me go to sleep (to try and replace using benzos) and to simultaneously help with opiate withdrawals. So far I have found it to be extremely effective, although results of this medication do vary quite a bit from person to person. Overall it has made me tired/reduced energy, but relaxed and comfortable.

Clonodine is used to treat many off-label conditions, and is emerging as a potential "miracle drug" because of its tendency to inadvertently help with many conditions due to its function as an alpha agonist...it has showed positive results for insomnia, ADHD, opiate/alcohol/nicotine withdrawal, cold sweats, and many other similar types of afflictions...so I would say it's worth a shot (start at 0.1 mg) to see how you react to it as it is a fairly harmless medication and its potential for positive effects is high. There is not currently many comprehensive studies about most of these treatments, so it's really sort of a trial and error process. Very interesting though, and ppl should continue to post their results in forums like this one to assist in the collection of information.
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I take .1 to help with my neuropathy. I check my blood pressure several times a day just to be safe. It has never dropped my blood pressure to a unsafe level.
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