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~~~How Did You Come Up With Your Username and What Does It Mean? ~~~

My user name is my third name .Yes I was the only girl so my mom had to slip  in two grandmothers names and one she liked .I am sure you can guess Avis was one of the grandmothers names LOL.

Tell everyone about your user name !!!!
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Mine is what my nieces and nephews call me because they couldn't say my real name. I wanted it to to be something positive and they mean the world to me. And 13 is a lucky number for me.
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when i was little my brother couldnt say my name so he called me bobby and now that is what my whole family calls me, if they use my real name i know that they are pissed at me .............139 well med help gave me that lol......
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Set some dominos up and then tap the first one.......they go down one at a time, well i was at the end waiting for the last one to fall and decided to get some help.  I may have to change it eventually as my daughter and i were playing literatti the other night and some person invited me into their chat room.  Thought domino was short for dominatrix!!!  If he only knew!!!!!!
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mine is pretty simple..but it's starting to change..then i'll need to change it i guess..I never thought too hard about it..thats the frame of mind I was in back in January.
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Nauty, that's some story!  A road trip with you sounds like a freakin' blast, when's the next one?

dominosaray, I play Literati all the time!  When's the next game?

I only wish I had gotten creative with my name...I did not, it's my actual name..and the 805?, well, everything else was taken!  I think it does say something about me though, the fact that I used my actual name reflects my honesty.  Not a great story like Nauty's, but it's something.  : )
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I used to take vic's and trammy's vicotram, I know pure genius
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