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NFL week 12- Play Early There's 3 THurs games this week!

OK guys time to make your picks early again...theres 3 Thurs games. I have to hand type these all up now too cuz the website changed their format and it was copying garbled hyperlink and htmls crapp so I have to be very meticulous to ensure I dont screw up any of the games, lol

Week 12
Green Bay @ Detroit
Oakland @ Dallas
NY Giants @ Denver

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta
Miamia @ Buffalo
Cleveland @ Cincinnati
Seattle @ St. Louis
Carolina @ NY Jets
Washington @ Philadelphia
Indianapolis @ houston
'Kansas CIty @ San Diego
Jacksonville @ San Fransico
Chicago @ Minnesota
Arizona @ Tennessee
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

Mon nite
New England @ New Orleans  Tie breaker  _____
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bump bump bump, hurry up and get in here you regulars!!
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Tampa Bay @ Atlanta                        atlanta
Miamia @ Buffalo                               buffalo
Cleveland @ Cincinnati                        cincinnati
Seattle @ St. Louis                             seattle
Carolina @ NY Jets                             carolina
Washington @ Philadelphia                   philadelphia
Indianapolis @ houston                         indy
'Kansas CIty @ San Diego                    san diego
Jacksonville @ San Fransico                jacksonville
Chicago @ Minnesota                            minnesota
Arizona @ Tennessee                           arizona
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore                          pittsburgh

Mon nite
New England @ New Orleans  Tie breaker  _new orleans  54____
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Week 12
Green Bay @ Detroit        GB
Oakland @ Dallas             OAK!
NY Giants @ Denver             NYG

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta            TB
Miamia @ Buffalo                 MIA
Cleveland @ Cincinnati           CIN
Seattle @ St. Louis              SEA
Carolina @ NY Jets              NYJ
Washington @ Philadelphia       PHI
Indianapolis @ houston             INDY
'Kansas CIty @ San Diego       SD
Jacksonville @ San Fransico       SF
Chicago @ Minnesota               MINN
Arizona @ Tennessee            AZ
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore           BALT

Mon nite
New England @ New Orleans            NO  Tie breaker  __55___

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Green Bay @ Detroit -Packers
Oakland @ Dallas  Dallas
NY Giants @ Denver NYG

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta ATL
Miamia @ Buffalo Stupid BILLS
Cleveland @ Cincinnati CIN
Seattle @ St. Louis SEA
Carolina @ NY Jets CAR
Washington @ Philadelphia PHILI
Indianapolis @ houston  IND
'Kansas CIty @ San Diego SD
Jacksonville @ San Fransico SF
Chicago @ Minnesota MIN
Arizona @ Tennessee ARI
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore PIT

Mon nite
New England @ New Orleans  Tie breaker  _____ NO 44
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Week 12                                 Happy Holidays to all ! -scotty
Green Bay @ Detroit  GB
Oakland @ Dallas      Dallas !!!!!!!!!!!!  gobble gobble
NY Giants @ Denver   Denver
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta Atlanta
Miami @ Buffalo          Miami
Cleveland @ Cincinnati Cincy
Seattle @ St. Louis      Seattle
Carolina @ NY Jets       Carolina
Washington @ Philadelphia Philly
Indianapolis @ houston   INDY
'Kansas CIty @ San Diego SD
Jacksonville @ San Fransico San Fran
Chicago @ Minnesota MINN
Arizona @ Tennessee Ariz
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore PITT
Mon nite
New England @ New Orleans  New England             Tie breaker  _68____
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