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Too young to die

  Yesterday morning a mom and dad tried to wake their son from sleep only to find that he had died from an overdose.  He was only 20 yrs old.  "Joshes" dad called all the friends on their sons' cell phone.  Told them that he would make sure he found out who was responsible.  I hope I never have to endure the pain that the family is going thru right now,  unimaginable!  My 21 yr. old knew this boy,  didn't party with him,  thank God, and doesn't use drugs,  he has seen alot happen in his 21 yrs of life.  He does have a good friend who is involved with this boy who died.  He said that they had partied together the night before and had some of the same drugs,  he said he had flushed them and is getting clean now.  I hope he will,  I know it is tough but I also know it is doable.  I hope he will get help to stay clean.   This is not a question,  but I am sure that others out there have simular situations where we can all say,  "thank God it wasn't me,  or my child "  cause it sure can be any one useing and abuseing.

God bless

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It is so sad when someone with so much potential loses their life to these drugs.  this kinda hits home for me. My father was 34 when he OD and died. It is sad that they lose their life but the people they leave behind and so many questions. it is really sad, i can only say that I hope the family has the strength to deal with this and pray God will confort them in this time of need.
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I had a 26 year old son who had kicked drugs only to die from asphyxiation due to over consumption of alcohol...it is indeed a horrible thing..losing one's child...I wish this family the best...I hope the father isn't seeking revenge but will follow the legal steps..

My prayers are with them all.

Jim who understands
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My heart goes out to all the parents who have lost a child to this addiction~~~~~sara
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I'm so sorry for their loss. So sad. So young. I send my prayers.
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Wow. Its just so incredibly sad. He is God's angel now, and may he forever rest in piece.
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