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Boyfriend is Withdrawing from Oxycontin

My significant other suffered from a serious spinal cord injury a few months ago and was prescribed oxy to help with the pain. A few days ago, he decided to quit taking the medication cold turkey because he wanted to feel like himself again. He experience everything from insomnia, cold-sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme anxiety, depression, etc. Last night he finally got the best nights sleep in a long while, however, he is still feeling uncomfortable in his skin, bored, and extremely apathetic towards most activities and even our relationship. I'm wondering how long the mental/emotional effects of withdrawal are expected to last, as well as what I can do to be as supportive as possible throughout this difficult process. I'm trying my best to not force any affection from him and to be patient while he detoxes and heals but it is taking a serious toll on me. Any support is welcomed!
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Hi, it takes a while to feel "normal" after cold turkey from opiates. Weeks, if not longer, depending. If he's only a few days in that is the worst. Affection is the last thing on his mind! All those symptoms you mentioned are right on track and they will come and go until they eventually dissipate. Let him be and let him heal. Nothing for you to do. You didn't say if you thought he may have a problem with oxy but if he does, he will need support and you will too. If that's the case we, can direct you. Good luck and let us know how it's going.
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Sounds like your husband is doing absolutely wonderful. Bad news is it's just going to take time. Try to be patient and just try to keep him busy as well as yourself.

It does and it will get better. It's just going to be a while because his addiction just didn't happen overnight. It's a rough road.
Long Winding Road. Isn't there a song out there like that. LOL Just some humor.

Good luck. Sending you positive vibes and prayers.

Keep us posted.  Like I said it will get better I promise.
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