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I just went to the doctors today. She perscribed chantix to quit smoking. Ive been on suboxone(for opiate addiction) for 1 year and 4 mon...
Is it possible to quickly taper off of 24mg suboxone within 6 days? I understand I'll experience withdrawal symptoms at some point and I'...
Ive been taking vicodin then norco for 5 years. I want to quit because of the hassle of pee testing and signing contracts. I feel like...
i have withdrew b4 and this time i have made it my last, but i find it odd that even almost a 2 weeks im masterbation 20 to 30 times a da...
This is not a real case of substance abuse since I took the drug as prescribed, but I cannot find a better place so I am posting this que...
Hi everyone- I’d like to hear from those who have personal experience, or credible knowledge about the pros and cons of using methadone f...
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