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This is a patient community for substance abuse and addiction. Discussions include identifying addiction, addictive behaviors, withdrawal, recovery and treatment/aftercare, and support.

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Hi, I recently dropped from 2 mgs to 1.5 mgs. I had not noticed much during my other drops, but this one was painful. I was surprised ...
Had a busy day , started with my celebratory frozen yogurt!! I paid extra for those sprinkles! But I earned it !! Went to our towns lit...
For months I noticed lots of the tiny pink Benedryl tablets in my girlfriends' purse. They didn't seem to be disappearing so I never ques...
I've been using valium for at least ten years on a daily basis. Two months ago I reduced dosage from 10mg a day to 5, and three of weeks ...
Hi there I was addicted to many things including diazepam for many years and detoxed 7 years ago and can't believe that I'm in the posi...
Hello everyone. Love this site and have been a long time lurker. In a nut shell I with Detoxed off of 5-6 years use of Klonopin. About...
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