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This is a patient community for substance abuse and addiction. Discussions include identifying addiction, addictive behaviors, withdrawal, recovery and treatment/aftercare, and support.

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Hello. I'm worried about my husband. We've been married for 7 years and have two small kids. Last week I found cocaine on my desk whil...
I have been off cocaine for about 6 months, However I did have 2 slips during that time. I think about doing coke everyday, I still want ...
Triggers can get ya. How did you or do you handle your triggers when trying to stay clean?
I am going on the suboxone treatment for my addiction tomorrow, I was just wondering if taking tramadol would be bad. I understand I hav...
Hey world, this is my first time posting so bear with me. First a brief history about my situation, I started using Kratom about two and...
Anyone encounter long term trust issues from their loved ones even after you've recovered? How long does that last? Anything you do/did...
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