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This is a patient community for substance abuse and addiction. Discussions include identifying addiction, addictive behaviors, withdrawal, recovery and treatment/aftercare, and support.

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Are there many people out there dealing with ambien addiction? I recently went to treatment for 36 days as a result of ambien (well benzo...
can anyone out there tell me what to expect from suboxone withdrawal? i've been taking 8mg a day to avoid methadone withdrawal, for only...
So...due to the wonderful virus that's making its way across the US, our local N/A meetings have been cancelled. Kind of makes sense sin...
Greetings, everyone! I haven't been around for a few months, and prior to that, for a few years. A few months ago, I was struggling to ge...
Hey everybody ~ Today is my 8th day on Suboxone and it has been an interesting experience, for sure. I found that I get VERY sleepy after...
I have a problem with opiates. Rehabed and clean, then had surgery. Dr. prescribed Vicodin and thats all it took to get me back on the ...
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