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My husband managed to decrease from 8 mg to 6 mg of suboxone, yesterday I accompanied him to the doctor, and I recommend increasing the d...
Hey everyone! I'm posting this so that people can have a space to check in, if you feel like it. How's everyone doing with sobriety? S...
Hi- I have a couple severe chronic pain conditions and have been on fairly high doses of opiate pain meds since 2005. Currently on a comb...
Well folks, once again i am on the way to the atm and the dealer. it's a huge circle of frustration and desire. I am so fkn happy when i ...
I was just wondering if anyone who has withdrawn from hydrocodone, or other opiates, experienced a persistent cough that began shortly af...
Anyone try this for opiate withdrawal? Seems like there are quite a bit of people that swear by it. Everything is worth a shot in my boo...
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