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Hi all. I am starting to get a bit iffy for my general wellbeing asked on other subs but I didn't get a concrete answer... The dru...
I've noticed the last few times I've gone through any sort of withdrawal that there's a smell that is associated with it. I can't tell if...
Hi. I’m asking for desperate help here. I started amitriptyline, for back pain, in November last year. By mid January I went up to 50mg a...
I was on methadone for about 12 years and although I never went above 65mgs I took a very long time to taper down. I didn't just walk off...
Ive been taking vicodin then norco for 5 years. I want to quit because of the hassle of pee testing and signing contracts. I feel like...
My son recently tested positive for TCA (tricyclic antidepressants ) He's has taken L-Tyrosine, benedryl, immodium and melatonin. Every...
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