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By myself. Cld use a friend

I'm coming off trams and oxy. I'm done w the oxy and down to my last tram. I feel like hell. I'm trying to do the Thomas recipe, but I don't have Xanax or anything of the like so nights are tremendous hell and a half. Can't sit still, can't move around. Ugh. Has anything else helped w the anxiety that's running through my body? I tried kratom but I don't think I took enough (scared). My friends I live w don't know and I'm sleeping on their couch. I moved out of my apt and far away from my dealer. I knew that had to be the first step, but now I'm thinking back at my awesome apt and getting depressed. I also heard of this stuff called noocept (sp) but there are diff brands and I don't know what to get. ANY HELP?
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Hi , How much of a dose are you coming off of? Just know the emotional is a byach but it's all part of it and is very short lived.The anxiety takes some time so it's best if you can totally surrender to it. Sleepytime tea is great, hot baths are an absolute lifesaver, believe it or not exercise literally is the best thing ever, music for nighttime soothing and daytime distraction, anything that will distort you. Mild mundane chores, movies, posting on here. Can you get any clonidine?
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one more thought for anxiety. Keeping a small amount of food in your tummy helps a lot. Not sue why but it does.
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Also I had to quit caffeine for awhile. It really made a diff in my anxiety. Of course I had a headache from h e l l. But the headache was better than the anxiety. Just try to realize all the symptoms are a part of the process and your body is getting rid of the poison. Hang in there. It does get better.
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If you are on no other meds, St. John's Wart helped me a lot with anxiety. It is chemically similar to xanax, so that's what I used instead. It can cause an OD or bad reaction mixed with many different meds, yes, it is an herb that is that strong. Anyway, time and exercise, mixed with good nutrition, is what really works best. Hang in there, it's hard and feels like forever, but if you are healthy otherwise, it won't kill you and it really isn't that long. That knowledge helped me in the worst of it. You do get your whole life back and will likely live longer, so ride it out my friend. We will be here day and night, so don't feel alone. Keep us posted.
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