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Clean 6 days tomorrow after using 5mg of percs a day for over 2 years.

Hello all, I have been abusing percs for almost 2 years now. I would break a 10-325 perc in half everyday after work. Tomorrow will be 6 days clean cold turkey. I sweated my butt off for a few nights really really badly. Just sweating at night now on and off some. I'm strong minded and will not be taking any more again. How long do I have left till I'm not sweating anymore? Thanks
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I don't have personal experience with opiates, but I have lots of personal experience with addiction, so congratulations on your clean days! Wishing you the best in your continued recovery :)

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Luckily you are on a low amount and your detox should be quick and fairly painless.  Most of all you will have to break the habit of the nightly ritual of breaking a pill in half and taking it so try and find a healthy alternative to that ritual.  Like the previous person mentioned, lots of water, vitamins, and most of all physical exercise and keeping busy!  Just don't dwell on the symptoms and try playing xbox or a game or getting outside and exercising!  Your brain has to learn to release its own dopamine again but you should be fine!  If you relapse, get up, dust yourself off, and keep trying!  Good luck and God Bless.....
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Congratulations to you and your decision to quit.  I would plan on being "uncomfortable for another week or two until it fully get's out of your system.  Eat really healthy and drink LOTS of water to help with flushing!  A good multivitamin wouldn't hurt either.
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