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Day 6 and jonesing

Hi all - I'm on day 6 and starting to jones - my w/d symptoms are pretty much over, and maybe that's why I'm craving.  Trying to keep my mind occupied
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This is the part where you engage in some sort of aftercare.  You need to get to the root of your problems that caused you to do drugs in the first place. You are in a very dangerous place mentally and this is the point that people relapse. Are you open to suggestions?
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6 days was the point that I had trouble getting past multiple times. It took me the third time to get past it. Something about that time is extremely difficult. Try to think about all the hard work you just went through to get to 6 days. As soon as you use again, you might not stop this time around, and if you do decide to stop, you are going to feel like crap again. For me, even using one night caused me to go through wd again, although slightly less intense.
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Thanks - and absolutely open to suggestions.  ;)
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Hey how are you doing?
I hope and pray you are keepin on.
Fighting the good fight.
Keeping the faith.....
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Hi. I used to live in Mt Charleston, NV. Wonderful views beautiful place in the mountains above Las Vegas.
  What group do you want for aftercare? IMO it's all about hooking up w people that like you & you respect & like them. I prefer NAMI & DBSA groups. Also IMO the part I struggle with is mental in nature.
  If your ins will pay, go to an analysist. Pdoc or regular Dr. Be evaluated. Something is wrong. Missing.
  You will need to make adjustments and start a new thinking process. The brain has a pattern now. Break the cycle. Maxy
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Hi all - update on me. I'm on day 9 and feeling pretty good! More clarity this time around and seriously taking it one hour at a time. Started my half marathon training yesterday and noticed how much painful it was to run once I had a couple of pills in me, but not a good enough reason to start back up! I ended up running 3.18 miles and it felt good that it was ALL me and no drugs ;)
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Congrats on Day 9!  So glad that you are feeling better and even ran!  Thats awesome!  As asked above do you have some kind of aftercare set up?  Its really important that you do something!!  Meetings, therapy, church....  You will need support in order to stay clean!!!  Keep letting us know how you are doing!!!
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