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Gain a lot of weight on methadone can’t lose any

Hello I been doing merchandione on and off for years now I’m 36 female 52 weigh now 175 I have never been this heavy. Iam so depress  just dec 2017 I was 140 now it’s end of March and almost 180 . My dose is 90 mil  but I just started going down I’ll b off by the end of April I’m hoping I lose weight.  And yes I do cardio 5-6 times daily . And started eating healthier . But can’t seem to lose the weight.  Now I’m scared cuz of how sick I’m gonna be soon but living the way Iam now is not the way I wanna live  and I’m also worry that I won’t lose the weight  isomeone please let me know if it’s guarantee I will lose this weight?? Or watever advice you have thank u
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Hello, you can loose the weight , Start by drinking plenty of water, lots of protein , and exercise, i know that sounds like the typical answer , but its the only one , loosing weight is about sticking to a clean healthy style of eating.
Dont be depressed , you can always make changes. Have you thought about eventually coming down off the methadone.
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