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Suboxone While Pregnant?

Can a person take suboxone during pregnancy? (NO, I am not prego, I'm totally jst curious) I didn't think there was too much data on if it was safe to take during pregnancy, but I've read about several people on this site taking it while pregnant, and they were just fine?
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suboxone is addicting and it is a narcotic..a partial agonist but it is powerful..anything addictive has a risk when pregnant....the same rules apply....many can get thru a pregnancy safely on hydro or oxy as well if they keep it under control..always best to let the drs know what u r on and be honest...alot would be dose dependent but there r chances anytime u take something addictive during pregnancy..i would choose staying on sub while pregnant than a using frenzy tho...everyone is different and we all gotta do what we gotta do..may be a good reason to let go once and for all
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Have the person discuss with there sub doctor. I believe suboxone is a no no they have been starting to use subutex however its the nalexone that they don't know enough about ....
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Whatever you do do NOT take Suboxone while you are pregnant. I have a daughter currently in the Hospital that took Suboxone while pregnant and my Grand-baby is now going through severe withdrawal issues and several other medical problems as well that per the Physician that delivered the Baby said were directly related to the Suboxone.
The Physician who delivered the baby said once my daughter found out she was pregnant she could have "SLOWLY WEENED" herself off the drug without any harm to the fetus. Once she gave birth if she couldn't control her habit then go back on the medication. There is not enough research and data on this drug for any Doctor to say it is safe for pregnant women.
We now have a innocent grand child in the ICU unit of the hospital that is going through withdrawals from a drug that has harmed her health!
We are now finding out the hard way that the child's future health should have taken priority over my daughter's addiction!  
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