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Can I use the Buprenorphine patch in place of the Soboxone Sublingual strips until I get back to the USA? My doctor told me I could but he was just kinda half *** listening,, so I figure I woiuld ask the real pros//lol

If so, I would like some pointers as to the best way to use and get the most out of each patch as the pharmacist got these on a special order for me here iN Cartagena and they are extremely expensive..

Thanks & God Bless
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Hey long time no see. Now you are on suboxone instead of subutex? You are runnning into a similiar problem as 7 months ago. Have you begun your taper? If not why do you think you need to still stay on a maintenance program?
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I have cut my dose from before in half and begun working down.. I have a very higfh profile position at my employer and I cannot be going through any sort of internal turmoil as I need to be hitting on all * all the time.. As this project draws to a close I have bee talking to my wife about checking into rehab because I think the withdrawls of this Soboxone or subutex are far worse than loratabs could ever be.. so the only weay I see to beat this is to get some place locked away from any outside pressures(work, kids, responsibilities) I just want to be normal and thats all I have wanted for a very long time.. the days of getting high were over about 3 years ago,, thankls for your concern,, I was not able to get my hands on the meds so I had to get other things until I could get home, whart was even harder was my wife and I had a little boy here in Colombia so we were not able to travel home for our 6month R&R because he did not have his Passport or American citizenship yet.. so I had to wait 9 months to get home..Good thing was the pharmacist found almost what I needed..in case I have to stay longer again.. my family stayed in the USA so now I go home every 3 months
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Wow lots of good news from in columbia. Congratulations on the birth of your son, that is beautiful. ;) children are a blessing from the LORD.
Congrats are alson in order on your successful taper down from the subs. That is awesome. If you have successfully tapered down and still continued to work and keep everything under wraps why do you think you need to go to rehab? Yes the sub withdrawal/ detox can be  much harder and longer. If tapered proprerly ,along with therapy/counseling and/or support groups it can be very successfully done.
In november you used the tramadol until you got back to the usa right? How did that work out for you? When are you coming back this time?
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