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Update Kidney stones

So my second surgery was a success im glad 2 say im no longer taking opiates 2 escape the pain involved in passing and or in my case a stuck stone in my ureater!! Its kinda scary  I was on hydro's and perks not at the same time but prescribed by ER dr. hydro's and later a urologist prescribed the perks....never taking more than prescribed 1 every 4 hrs or 2 every 6 so roughly 6-8 a day for exactly 14 days. I wouldn't say im in W/D but I  have slight w/d symptoms......rather lethargic hit and miss sleep sneezing some yawning!! I didn't want be taking these meds but due 2 horrible pain It was necessary but Im glad its over....just goes 2 show us/me that its don't take much 2 become dependent on these drugs!! when I first started taking opiates for surgerys I was on them for months b4 dr said I was healed and didn't no longer need them....so I was curious if  I would feel fine or not after a mere 2 weeks!!! Well I can deal with baby w/ds but I will say my mind has been trying 2 convince me that I need more....granted I know better and have not tried.  
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Glad that your surgery is over. I've had my fair share of surgeries, so I know that they are not fun. I'm glad to see that your posting about using pain meds responsibly. I was and am curious about the next step in this recovery and how it works with being in the situation of having to maybe take pain medications for actual pain. I started taking pills for pain and then I just got out of hand with it, so I worry about what will happen if I have to take them again. Thanks for the info and I wish you luck on your recovery!
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Glad to hear your surgery was successful.  Just take one day at a time, take care of yourself and get healthy!!!
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Howdy Dirk,

It's good to see you checking in. I'm glad to hear that it went well & that you're finally out of pain!! Good job on taking them as directed & cutting them off when you did. 'Baby' w/d's is a pretty accurate description. (That's pretty much how I felt about it.) Wishing you a speedy return to good healing sleep & energy. Keep up the good work & your eye on that 'straight' path your back on. One foot @ a time, one right in front of another, eh? :)
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Hi Dirk, I'm glad your 2nd surgery was a success, and that you are no longer taking pain meds.  I completely understand the need to take them for surgery after something as painful as kidney stones.  I also had to take them for a short time after surgery. I experienced some minor withdrawals as well. You know what to do to ease the symptoms. Make sure you are not listening to your head telling you that you need to take anymore. Keep yourself active and your mind occupied. Perhaps it's time to get a meeting in?  I wish you continued healing. Stay strong and focused. All the best.
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