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What Insurance 4 Suboxone?!?

Hi, i'm currently on suboxone and have been for over a year. I don't plan on coming off of it within the next few months but hopefully by summer. My sole question is this. In northern california, what insurances will either pay for Suboxone fully, or offer a co-pay, and how much of a co-pay. I'm currently prescribed 56 films a month. Medi-cal has covered it completely however I got a new job and I'm afraid that i'm slightly making too much money at my new job to qualify for medi-cal. I spoke with medi=cal and they told me they do not offer a co-pay if your income increases. You must simply make less than $15,556 (or something near that).
So back to my question, do you know of an insurance plan that will cover suboxone film? How much a month for the insurance? how much for copay?
If you cannot answer these questions but can guide me to a website that would be great. I've been on the internet for 48 hours trying to figure this out and have yet to find anything.
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My plan through my employer is with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Our prescription coverage is with Express Scripts. They cover it with a small co pay.
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I think most insurance in Cali offers sub coverage, though I don't think they like to advertise that openly. Insurance can no longer reject pre-existing conditions, so most of the companies here in Nor-Cal seem to cover it, reluctantly, because it is really expensive. Medi cal covers a single person, with no dependants, up to $16,105, it's 21,000, if you anyone in your house is supported 50% by your income. Check out CA.gov healthcare, that will give you the run down on the state rules for insurance. Most people I know on med-cal in Siskiyou County have to TARP the script, meaning the pharmacy has to ask the government for the right to prescribe it to each person. This has caused many to go without for a couple of days, but everyone who needs to be and wants to be on subs seem to find a way. Good luck.
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Check out the web site of Reckitt and Benckiser, the inventors of bupe. Also, suboxone.com. Both of those offer free to 50% sub coupons for up to 2 years, depending on your income and situation. Worth a try.
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hey thanks for the input. I have done a lot of searching and basically found out that none of the covered ca plans would cover bupe, let alone strips. Needless to say I had to actually decrease my pay at my job to stay in medi-cal. It is RIDCULOUS that they do not have a sliding scale option. Basically, whatever grid you fall under, due to income, you then have to share that said co-pay. Be it Dr visits or prescriptions. Does anyone know why medi-cal doesn't offer this? Anyway, to be honest i didn't learn anything new from the responses. I did call covered ca and they could not tell me what prescriptions they covered.
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If you have to decrease your income, it is worth it. You can take that promotion this summer, when you quit the subs. Trust me, no amount of money is worth falling back into active addiction. As you know, that decrease in pay, I would guess, is nothing compared to what you have spent on opiates. This is just a step, not your whole life's destination. It took time and many stages to get into your addiction, it will take time and many stages to get free. You sacrificed some things to your addiction, again assuming, because we don't usually realize how many sacrifices we have made, until we are clean awhile. Just do whatever it takes, because that is what it takes. When this stage is over, you will be so glad you  made the sacrifices to be free, no doubt in my mind, no matter what it costs.
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