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is tramadol harder to get off of than lortab??

i would like to know from anyone that might know...is tramadol harder to kick than coming off of lortabs?? i take both tramadol & lortab...4 or 5 pills each every day. i'm also taking xanax...i really would love to get off of everything, so my life can be normal again. i guess i'm really more addicted to the xanax...as bad as i hate to admit it. can anyone help me???
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For me and I have wd off both tramadol was FAR worse. I would do one at a time tramadol first ,hydro second, xanax last.worse then the tramdol will be the xanax that you are going to have to go very slow I strongly recommend you do it last .I would drop one tram about every 5 days being that you are on another opiate the wd should not be very bad .
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it all depends on how long how much theres alot of facters to consider when going CT just read you will find the answer here im sure of it
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