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Hello, I have been sober for 3 monthes. It seems like the moment I put down the bottle, I developed severe panic disorder with agoraphobia. I realize all of the reasons this may happen. But I would love to talk to someone who also has had or is having a similar experience. At times I can not leave my home, or function on a normal level, and am on disability due to this(which is depressing in it's self). I'm in therapy and will be starting an alcohol addiction program soon(huge step for me) Being "clean" is great, scary, sad, all at the same time. I would love any input you could give. Thanx-Deziree
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Dez...Welcome to the forum. You will find so much support and info on here! Congratulations on 3 months sober that rocks! I know that it takes time to get back to "normal". May I ask if you are on any anti-depressants? I have found mine to be so helpful. I do not have any experience with alcoholism personally as my addiction is/was to pills. However, I understand the anxiety and panic attacks 100% and I take medication for them that helps a great deal. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about getting on something. There will be lots of people here that can help you more than me I am very early in my stages of recovery (just about 2 wks) but I can tell you what a great forum this is! -- JoAnn
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  Congrats on your three months sober, that is wonderful. I understand why you  have the panic attacks, it is hard to face the real world sober. My husband is 5 years sober and for the 1st year he had panic attackes. He finally did go on some medication for it and he has been doing great. He says he never knew how great life could be until he got sober.
  I know that it can be hard somedays, but know that we are all here for you if you need us.
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Thank you both so much for your words of encouragement. This is the first time I have reached out like this and it has really helped. As I am sure you both know addicts surround themselves with other addicts. So I have lost alot of support since I made the decision to seek help. I am on an anti-depressant(celexa) as well as Ativan 2MG a day. But I still find those times when it is really hard for me to be "normal". Taking my son to school become extrememly hard. Then I have days when everything is great.(very few of those) It seems to differ around my mentrual cycle. Not quite sure how to get to the bottom of that one. I am really concerned about the ativan, because of the possibility of addiction, but at this point I don't see any other way. Congrats on 2 weeks Joann, those are the hardest times, huh! And JML I hope to get to 5 years, that is a great accomplishment, I am sure you are very proud. Thank you again, for you'r feedback, you have no idea how much it has helped.
"From struggle comes progress," Susan B. Anthony
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Your doing great.  Believe me I know first hand about the anxiety..  It's almost like your personality is gone without the alcohol because you were so used to being normal on it.  I have recently started therapy treatment for alcohol.  I've changed my meds around several times.  Effexor was helpful with anxiety and depression but the side effects weren't great for me.  I gained some weight and after a year the med pooped out.  Withdrawl from Effexor is rough too.  Now I've switched to Zoloft and added Wellbutrin.  This combo really helps.  The Wellbutrin cuts the cravings like Campral.  It's prescribed for depression.  Some people take it to quit smoking too.  I've tried Celexa in the past and it wasn't as good for anxiety.  Ativan can be addictive.  Try talking to your psych. about a med change.  
Hang in there. Your not alone.  

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Ahhhhhh u go girl.....go go go go!u r doing good!:))))music 2 my ears!
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