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Congratulations to your Community Leader- ibizan!

Happy anniversary to ibizan- your Community Leader!  Please take a moment to reach out to ibizan, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate everything!

Congratulations ibizan- the MedHelp Team appreciates you!  
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I sure do Appreciate you Ibizan!! I usually support the addiction substance as wd will not kill you but here I'm a lil timid as Alcohol wd can Kill you, Just 1 of the reasons I so appreciate you! I can give testimony as to the damage it can cause but You have the knowledge needed to direct. Thank you Thank you Thank you! warmly, lesa
Thank You Lesa!Appreciate all you do in the Addiction forum.I qualify for both programs:)
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Congrats ibizan!!  You have been a huge role model for me.  I remember back in the day coming here and reading everything you wrote.  You have always made everyone us feel important and worthwhile.  Thank you for allowing me into your world with your mom and your babies.  I treasure your friendship.  Much love and hugs to you~  
Thank You SisterSara!I love and treasure you and your words of wisdom.Love to follow your adventures and those of your canine children as well!
Ibizan and Sarah you both friggen rock!!! Super amazing ladies, I am very thankful to be a small part of your lives where you both have literally helped thousands of people. It's amazing! Thank you for all that you do and for being the type of ladies that you are! You make MedHelp great. It does not go unnoticed! I miss you both :)

We miss you too here Rpoo!You are a very valued(lurking) member!LOL!
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