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Thinking of drinking..

Naa just kidding! ha ha Really though, Super Bowl is coming up and everyone drinks during the game. Now is probably a good idea to start making plans as to where your going to be so the surprise of someone offer you a drink doesn't happen. We have enough temptation. Im staying home and watching the game on my new flat panel 55" and Im gonna buy a huge amount of beef jerkey, crackers/easy cheese/salami chips and some veggy dip and veggys! I cant hardly wait now! ha ha
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silly man!:)u can enjoy that game w/good food and even remember every play SOBER!i've never been a football fan cept when younger....the most interesting part is when those young buns  would all line up and bend over in those tight lycra pants minus a Refrigerator Perry belly and a vertical crack peeking over the waistband!hahahahahah!
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  We should all come to your house...............We spend the day with Family and Friends and we have a GREAT TIME...............
   FYI..............Super Bowl January 20 1985...........I was using....... I got clean the day after. So my recovery date is January 21 1985.............Just picked up 26 years on the 21.
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yipppee freebird!glad ur here!feel free to fly on in here and post!we dig ppl w/long term quality recovery or just quality recovery period!
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