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Anemia and spoiled grapefruit juice

About 2 months ago, I drank some rancid and fermented grapefruit juice at a restaurant. I threw it all up for the next hour there. Over the weekend I ached and fevered. I went to urgent care and they told me my bowels were hyperactive. I stopped fevering but still ached. I've  been exhausted and have a bloated stomach every time I eat.

So for the past month I've been taking blood test and stool tests. Each test comes back showing that I'm more and more anemic. But there doesn't appear to have bacteria or blood in the stools. I recently had ultrasounds and did an urgent upper abdomen scope and colonoscopy and they only found a bit of inflammation in my small intestines from the biopsy...but otherwise normal.

I've always been fairly healthy...I get my annual exams done with blood work yearly to know my normal levels...which have always been within range on all accounts.

I'm now being sent to a GYNO to find out why I'm progressively becoming more anemic by the week. I was completely heathy until I drank the bad juice. In my mind...it has to be associated with that...but my doctors can't figure it out!

Please help! My skin is super itchy and my legs keep cramping. Does anyone know if my issues can be associated with the bad grapefruit juice or if Something else is going on unrelated and just happened to trigger  at the same time. Or maybe because I was throwing up so hard it sparked something else??
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well, have you ever made a test for intolerances, especially here histamine.
I would really recommend a blood test for it. Because the symptoms with fever and throwing up sounds like that.
I'm histamine intolerant and I'm using a dietary supplement (Daosin) to control it. But what you need is a detailed test ;)

take care
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you have Gluten intolerance. Anything made with flour, white flour will trigger your symptoms.
Better get that tested. You may eat potatoes as much as you like. You may eat maize or corn products as much as you like to. Eliminated flour foods from your diet, try for two weeks. Your anemia will go away and get better.
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