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Anyone have experience with ELISA/ACT testing for delayed food allergies?

Does anyone here have experience with the ELISA/ACT testing for delayed food allergies?  This is a specific type of testing for delayed (food and other) allergies that supposedly is more accurate, with fewer false positives and greater sensitivity, but the vast majority of the reviews and articles about it online are by the person/company that does the testing.

I've had blood tests over the years for over 80 foods and have delayed allergies (aka intolerances) to dozens of foods. I try to avoid those foods - or, if impossible to avoid, rotate so that I eat them no more often than every 5 days. But avoiding so many foods means I am eating other foods more frequently and so am likely to have become allergic to those foods.  I can't take the years to experiment starting with an elimination diet because I have a family to feed and a limited energy budget (I have ME/CFS and that comes with super-sensitivity to light, noise, and apparently foods, too).

I've been making all meals from scratch - with many ingredients coming from my own, organic garden - for decades.  I'm even trying to improve my gut flora and fauna with homemade kefir (water kefir cuz I'm allergic to dairy), raw fermented vegetables and inulin (in my homegrown sunchokes; the powdered inulin you can buy didn't have the same effectiveness).

The ELISA/ACT testing is expensive, but I'm certain I've spent more than the $1,700.00max over the years on buying and growing the few foods left that I CAN eat.  I'd sure like to have a more accurate test of which foods are causing the many delayed symptoms I am experiencing.

Please let me know if you have had the testing and whether it seemed it really was more accurate.
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Do you have any issues eating raw vegetables?  Just a thought to also look into it ..Oral allegy syndrome .. usually, it's not delayed, but it did come to mind when you mention you grow your own veggies.  When cooked, though,usually everything is ok.  My kids had many intolerances that were delayed by days... those are the hardest ones to undercover.  Sometimes a total food elimination diet under the guidance of a Dr is the way to go by reintroducing slowly each food.  Please keep us posted!
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Did you end up doing the Elisa/act testing? I would love to know if it is helpful and worth doing!!
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