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What are the most common allergins? Least Common Ones you can think of ?

I'll go first -- these are according to my perception -- then we can go back and find a list to post from our health topics!


Least Common

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This is not a food allergy as such, but it is the most uncommon allergy I ever saw.  My father bathed about once a month.  The reason was that he was allergic to water.  He would come out of the bathroom after a bath with hives all over his body.  No, it was not soap, detergent or anything else, it was water.  No, it was not chlorinated water.  He got the same hives from well water, and he did not swim in the creek, the lake or the pool for the same reason.  I always thought it was just him until I took my daughter to a national park and let her swim in the creek.  She not only had the hives, she had swelling and fever.  She can swim in the pool and she can bathe, but she cannot swim anywhere else.  After the second bout of hives, swelling, nausia and fever from wading in another creek in another state, we realized it is a real allergy.
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I still have a copy of the hand out my naturopath gave me about the Elimination Diet.  It names SOME of the most common food sensitivities/allergies.  It names:  wheat, dairy, soy, corn, citrus, eggs, alcohol, chocolate, obvious sugar, coffee, peanuts, and potatoes.  In addition to these common sensitivities and allergies I would include shellfish, more specifically crustaceans.  I would also include strawberries, garlic and onions.  Garlic and onions are sulphur foods.  People who have a sulfite allergy or sensitivity are usually sensitive to garlic and onions and eggs.  

For least common, I would name some that both a friend of mine and I have a sensitivity or allergy to:  lettuce, spinach and dandelion greens.  

I don't know if I would call cinnamon an uncommon allergy, because I am sensitive to the stuff myself.
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I found out that this water allergy is a lot more common than what doctors have been telling people.  There is a forum all about aqugenic urticaria that has many people commenting about it.  I don't have this condition, but I sure do get itchy when I get out of the bath or shower anyway, because I have a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris.  So, I still have a rash that will never go away completely, and I still get very itchy.  I read the descriptions that people have written about this water allergy, and I can see that it's just horrible.  Some are worse than others, like your daughter is, and will get some horrific rashes.  These people suffer from their own sweat, too.

The itching I get is unpleasant enough, but it really is awful when a person really can't bathe as often as society would like people to do.  Some do the strategic cleaning in the areas of the body that need the most attention in between baths, and one person said that this is all he does.  Of course, since he is a man, he must not have much hair to worry about keeping clean.  One woman mentioned cutting off her long hair because of this allergy.  Some didn't develop this allergy 'til later in life either.
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I have read that cinnamon can be common, although not among the most common. my daughter is sensitive to cinnamon. She has a reaction whenever it touches her skin. For example, if she were eating cinnamon applesauce, anything that misses her mouth will leave a bright red spot where it touches.

i think other common allergies not listed are sesame and tree nuts. Pine (pignoli) nut allergies are also common.

As for uncommon, I worked with a child who was listed to be allergic to pork??
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I had a food sensitivity blood test a couple of years ago and my red zones are Baker's and Brewer's yeast, beet sugar (not cane sugar and not beets!), wheat and eggs.  As for most common allergens in the population, I've heard wheat, dairy (especially as you age due to actose intolerance), nuts, and eggs.  Least common from my personal list: amaranth.

I notice a reaction to beet sugar almost immediately -- I start clearing my throat (gets very phlegmy) and lasts about an hour.  The others take longer to show up, usually as joint pain the next day.  I have osteoarthritis and if I avoid the above foods I have much less pain.  Red meat also bothers my joints, but I don't think it's a true sensitivity.  It's been linked to inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.  
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i, like the child you worked with, am allergic to pork - not eaten it or any porcine derived products since i was under 2 years. it is a more serious allergy than people realise - porcine derived substances are used in lots of medications! i told my surgeon and aneathistist that i was porcine intollarent only to be laughed at and told they were hardly going to use a sausage in  theatre! i mentioned it was a medical allergy and listed things i could not be given including heparin and gelifusin - they chose to ignor this and gave me gelifusin in theatre - thus inducing anaphalaxis - and crossed out the heparin that on my drug chart with immediate effect.
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They now have allergy free operating rooms in the States!  My daughter who is latex allergic had one last year and there are no anesthetics in the room that are derived from food!!!!!  And, it's totally latex free!  People do not understand it and do not want to believe it is true that something like this can be fatal!
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  Actually you can become allergic to anything and everything, depending on what's affecting your immune response.
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Probably the most common would be dariy, gluten, peanuts and egg products.

The least common would have to be buffalo(american bisen) and probably rice, although for a year I could not touch it, now I live on it, and then the oppisite with soy, no soy now,

But one allergist up to mayo said I have some kind of free roaming protein in my blood and it can attack anything it wants to at will, and it can be trigurred by some spices possibley. The wonderful confusing world of the imune system.
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I would say the most common allergen is wheat.  All 3 of my children and myself are allergic to wheat, followed by tomatoes, lettuce and oranges.  

My daughter was allergic to dairy when she was 7 but grew out of it.  I've been treated for allergies for 40 years and discovered that allergies change over time, especially food allergies.  For instance, I used to be allergic to apples to the point of anaphylaxis and now I can eat them with no problem.  My first allergist used to re-test me periodically because of this.  My current allergist, who I've been seeing for 10 years, only tested me the first time I saw her.
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