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Why does it seem like so many more kids have food allergies these days than before?

I do not recall the issue with food allergies that we have today.  So SO many kids now verses years past. Is there just greater awareness now or is it really increasing among the population?
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There are so many children with food allergies today because the food today is absolutely riddled with toxins and chemicals. In years past, especially before the 80s and 90s, food had much fewer chemicals and additives. High Fructose Corn Syrup began being used a lot in the 80s. Then chemical additives in food became very common. Just look at food labels and you will see so much additives. It's quite disturbing. The pesticides they use are extremely toxic as well. The more garbage they put in our food, the more allergic reactions we will get.
That's all a really good point.  GMO's . . . the idea of genetically modifying our food is a little scary.  
What about peanut allergies though?  I swear growing up I did not hear about this like I do now.  We didn't have a peanut free table when I grew up in the lunch room like there is now.  

I feel for people with these nut allergies.  I had a mom come up to me and tell me that her child had a peanut allergy and it looked like we were eating pb&J sandwiches.  She gave us her own wipes for hands so kids didn't go over to the playground and touch anything with peanut butter residue on them.  And she suggested that we start carrying our own to protect all the kids with nut allergies.  Then I started noticing how many kids that actually is!  Wowie!

But definitely agree that our food is processed, engineered, has this or that added like never before.  I wish I were good about being true to keeping food clean.

Do you do that for yourself and your family?  Tips?
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The number of  kids with allergy to peanuts in the USA and many Western societies  has more than tripled over the last  20 years!

This  "inexplicable" huge increase  must be  caused by something very specific.
Is it possible that a common, but HIDDEN, adjuvant in many vaccines recommended by the CDC,
has something to do with this?

"Food" for thought.


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