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Hives outdoors during daytime

Hi there, I am 22 years old and I would get serious Hive allergies on the areas that are exposed to the sun whenever I step outside as short as just 15min.  After an hour indoors, it would cool down and be normal again.  I dont think its sunburn.  This occurs only in the morning and aftenoon, but at night-time when its cooler I'm completely fine.  I went and did some tests with allergy specialists, and turns out i was allergic to grass, pollen, dust..etc  And they said theres nothing they can do =___= ;  This problem started only 2 years ago, and i was totally fine before then =/ and its been bothering me alot because I cant do any outdoor activities.  I try taking Antihistamine and wear long sleeves + pants to avoid this problem in the meantime.  But if theres anything I can do to help boost my immune system or fix this problem in the long run, please let me know! Thankss!
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This is very strange! I have had hives from the age of 16...from taking a shower...then going into a pool...anytime water was too cool  and not warm enough I would get hives...
I am much older now and have developed a very weird kind of hives...
If I go out and shop, when I carry the bags in I break out in hives on my fingers which touch the bags...or that make me reddened ...I just got in with bags, and my thumb and index finger have hives...Such a mystery...does anyone have this happen? They itch till I scratch and they are raised and white or red like a bite...
Appreciate any input...
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You are doing the right thing by keeping the skin covered. You can talk to the allergy specialist about immmuoglobulin therapy, whether there is a chance that you will improve by it. Also you can eat green vegetables, fruits to improve your immune system. Repeated exposure too can at times decrease the reaction over a period of time.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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