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extreamly itchy arms

my condition began  about 7 years ago.  the itching starts gradually around june and begins to taper off around the end of sept. the itching is unbarable to the point of torture.  at times i get the sensation of a horsefly bite. nothing i have ever tried topical, over the counter allergy meds or persciption antihistemines have worked during this conditions peak. however, applying ice does give temporary releaf.  after i scratch an area for a length a little bump will appear. i often end up scratching to the point of bleeding. i have many scars on my arms from scatching over the 7 years i have had this problem. 4 doctors i have seen about this are baffled.
i am desprate for releaf from the itching
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What kind of drs have you seen?  An allergist would be my first choice and then a dermatologist.  The timeing of your symptoms would indicate possible grass allergy.  If you are tested by and allergist and start allergy shots now, you should find next year to be better.

What OTC meds have you tried?  I used liquid benadryl this spring for wide spread itching.  The liquid works better for this because it gets into your system better.  Liquid zyrtec should also work well.  Starting to take an antihistamine several weeks before you expect the symptoms to startshould be helpful as well.  Sometimes you just have to catch the process before it starts as it can be difficult if you are playing catch up.

Praying for you to find answers and that next year is better.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, as this is generalized symptoms, it needs detailed evaluation. The possibilities needed to be ruled out are Xerosis (dryness of skin), Atopic dermatitis, Contact dermatitis and Lichen simplex chronicus.

Xerosis can be seen due to frequent bathing (particularly hot baths and showers), and high temperatures with relatively low humidity such as the environment produced by home heating in the winter. Other causes are allergic dermatitis secondary to exposure to allergen or irritant. You need to look for particular allergens which would be responsible for such symptoms. You need to avoid further exposure.

You also need to rule out systemic conditions like renal disease, Cholestasis etc. which is associated with itching.

You need to use emollients regularly, anti histaminic against prescription will help to reduce the itching, and Topical steroid is helpful if Lichen simplex chronicus is suspected.

I suggest you to consult dermatologist. Take care and regards.
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