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All kinds of Problems with no dignosis

I have a lot of issues going on. I have had to deal with stomach issues for years and got my gallbladder removed in 2011. It helped but I still wasnt fully better. I also had anxiety like symptoms at the time I was so sick but my doctor told me I had a B12 deficiency over my stomach and high cholesterol which was strange since I was barley able to eat and lost a lot of weight over being so sick. I received B12 injections and it helped my other symptoms. I could go shopping again and I felt better besides my ongoing stomach issues which I was told I produced to much acid after doing a 2nd upper endoscopy. I never was told why. After that I have been on numerous acid reducers with not much difference and tried different probiotics that didnt help. I stopped seeing my GI doctor because I would only get to see his PAs and they would just put me on different acid reducers and tell me to do a followup. I havent went back in almost a year. Last year in June I was told by my dentist I had a heart murmur. Shortly after that I started getting heart palpation. I got a chest ultrasound but never heard back so I guess it was normal. My heart felt like it was fluttering or skipping beats. I started taking Potassium and Magnum it seemed to help for a while but was told by another doctor if Im not low on them then it can cause heart palpations by taking to much so I stopped it got worse so I took them again but it didnt seem to help anymore so I stopped a few months ago. Since then I get heart palpations almost everyday but I have gotten use to them. I decided to go see a Cardiologist a month ago. She did an EKG which was normal, did blood tests, Xray and put a 24 hour heart monitor on me. Of course that day I was feeling fine so nothing showed up. The only thing that happen while wearing it was I was doing laundry my heart was beating fast but it was a normal heart rate. Everything was normal but the blood work showed I had slightly low potassium and high cholesterol. She wanted me to get my potassium rechecked it 2 weeks. So I did on a Friday and they called me back a few hours later and said everything was normal and I guess thats it I dont have another appointment with her or anything. Still dont explain my heart palpation's. That following Monday I had an appointment with my regular doctor I gave her a list of all of my symptoms. I told her I wanted to get a full thyroid check, blood sugar, and possibly tested for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) She said shes been a doctor for several years and had only had 2 patients with P.O.T.S but if nothing else shows up on my blood work she would take it into consideration. I started having severe anxiety again over a month ago epically while shopping or it can happen just while riding in the car I just suddenly get real scared feels like Im about to go on a roller coaster ride or something but luckly it only lasts a few seconds to a minute.I asked her what should I do about that she said it depends what my test results show. If nothing shows up she could give me some medicen to help balance out the chemicals in my brain that causes my anxiety. She did all the tests for thyroids and rechecked my potassium. I got a call back a few days later on my tests. They told my my thyroids was normal and my potassium was still slightly low so I needed to start eating more foods with potassium in it and do a followup appointment in a few weeks. Which is strang because just the Friday before then my heart doctor said my potassum was normal. My doctor also gave me some samples of the acid reducer Dexilant to try and told me to try the Phillips probiotic for Colon Health. So far I still get anxiety I cant hardly go to Walmart anymore. I will feel ok then shortly after I walk in there I start burping, heart starts racing/pounding, i get dizzy, feel faint, tense, start sweating, anxious, and blurred vision. Its extremely scary when this happens. I feel like Im going to die or go crazy while everyone else is normal. Anxiety runs in my family but i dont usually get this way unless something is wrong like with my B12 being low a few years ago. Its very hard for me to live my life dealing with this and worrying all the time or trying to work on the computer can make me dizzy as well which happens a lot when Im at work and I started getting minor headaches that happen often now it occurs usually during the middle of the day it starts in the front and moves to the back. Its very annoying I use to never hardly get headaches. Here is a list of all of my symptoms. Its the same list I gave to my doctor.
Stomach Issues:
Gas pressure: when this happens at times it feels hard to breath usually after eating. My heart will start to pound or race. Laying down until my food settles usually helps.
Gas Pain: it can happen randomly before or after eating depending on my days. It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat. Sometimes I can eat something and do fine and the next time I eat it I can feel like an air bubble but it’s painful.
Daily belching: small burps that come from my throat when hungry and feeling really sick with acid and can make me feel shaky and nauseous until I eat. After eating I start burping loud normal burps to relive some of the gas pressure from eating.
Nausea: This happens randomly sometimes before or after eating.
Acid Burning: In stomach or throat it happens randomly weather I have already ate or took an acid reducer.
Occasional Minor Stomach Pain
Stomach Cramps: After eating until I use the bathroom sometimes its diarrhea or normal. It doesn’t happen every time after eating usually in the mornings when my stomach issues are flared up.
Heart Symptoms:
Palpations: Rapid heartbeat just by doing a simple task or skipping a beat this happens almost daily at least once.
Heart Murmur
Fluttering: It has done this several times at once really fast speeding up my heart rate. I have also had a few occasions where it felt like it stopped for a second and then I start burping and feeling acidy.
Other Symptoms:
Weakness: Especially if I go to long without eating.
Fatigue: Even if I get enough sleep I usually still feel tired or take a nap.
Random Dizziness
Jittery/anxious/feeling shaky
Random hot flashes and sweating
Feeling really scared and upset
Off Balance: Feeling out of it or like I could faint.
High Cholesterol
Frequent Urination: It happens randomly especially if I’m nervous or traveling.
Light Sensitivity: Don’t always happen but use to get this symptom a few years ago when I was real sick and had a B12 deficiency. It happens when I get anxiety. Certain colors look brighter than normal while everything else around it seems kind of dim. It tends to happen more while I’m out shopping or around bright florescent lightening.
Anxiety: Can occur just while I’m riding in the car or out shopping. Usually caused from feeling sick or worrying about having a panic attack while trying to shop. Didn’t start having anxiety until about a month ago while I was at the store. Now it seems every time I go to the store I panic or start feeling really sick and scared.
Blurred Vision: Usually happens when I get anxiety while trying to go shopping.
Minor Headaches:  Happens randomly can happen for several days in a row. The pain is in the front of my head and moves to the back. I usually feel dizzy and out of it or off balance when this happens. Tylenol don’t help but Ibuprofen can until it comes back. Never use to get headaches until recently their minor just bothersome.
If anyone has any suggestions how to deal with all this or is facing similar issues please share it would be greatly appreciated. I get these symptoms randomly during the day not all at once it just depends on my days. Im a 26 year old mother I dont want to have to keep living my life feeling this way or not being able to go to the store in peace.
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Hello there, I am sorry to hear what you are going through right now.
Just like me, I have the same issues with you and just the other day my doctor told me I have helicobacter pylori - a bug that lives in your tummy that causes acidity, burping, farting, nausea, loss of appetite. These symptoms are only the mentioned based on my research but all of the things that you feel is what exactly what I am feeling. And it is very frustrating that doctors seems to ignore what we said what we felt.
Being low in B12 is caused this bug. Go and see your doctor and tell them you want a breath test and stool culture for H pylori.

I know exactly what you feel. I am the same age as you with two young children and like you I just want to live healthy for my family mostly for my very young children who needed me the most.

The doctor told me that I must have this bug a long time ago but didn't give me symptoms just like now.
I hope this info will help you to know what is going on as and I would say you know more about your body that there is something going on. you just have to dig deeper and investigate to lead you to it.

And i know its not easy to stay calm coz I finding it too hard as well but try.
Take care and good luck
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This is quite a story. Sorry to hear that.

I have been facing all kind of physical issues myself, which (after all) may have been be induced by mental stress (as a result of my life style and personality). As a scientist I was always looking for hard evidence.

I am not sure if you have considered to approach your physical issues from a mental point of view?

Depression, stress, anxiety, low self esteem may all lead to a slurry of physical issues. Basically your nervous system (brain and nerves) gets out of tune (including your stress systems/hormones). Either you can not filter normal discomfort and/or the nervous systems provides misinformation to your body which again you will sense as discomfort.

On one hand it is good to focus on a physical cause, but in case not done, I would consider to focus on mental health as well.

Unexplainable physical issues can be a result of being overloaded through your life style, trauma's, personality and level of self esteem, medicine usage, and your genetic make-up (how are you chemically composed and anatomically wired? Not easy to address, but not unhopeful either.

Good luck !


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What is the pH of your stomach acid? Do you have the results of the Heidelberg Stomach Acid Test (gold standard for measuring stomach acid pH?).

Excerpt from B12 awareness...

"What are the Causes of B12 Deficiency?

Decreased stomach acid
Atrophic gastritis
Autoimmune pernicious anemia
Helicobacter pylori
Gastrectomy, intestinal resection
Gastric bypass surgery
Malabsorption syndromes
Crohn’s disease
Celiac disease (gluten enteropathy)
Chronic pancreatitis
Bacterial overgrowth (small bowel)
Fish tapeworm
Malnutrition—Eating disorders
Advanced liver disease
Transcobalamin II deficiency
Inborn errors of B12 metabolism
Certain drugs
Nitrous oxide"
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You sure are going through a lot, I am sorry.

I can relate to a lot of what you are experiencing, I have had the same issues. In my case, it was anxiety brought on by food allergies and hypoglycaemia, but everyone is different. Have you had any glucose tolerance test run or food allergy panels? If not, maybe it would be a good idea to suggest this to your physician.

Hope you feel better soon.
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