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Anxiety, can it be a thing of the past?

I have sufferd once before with anxiety and then was free os any symptoms for a year, now they have come back and ive been suffering again for around 6 months. I was just wondering, is there any of you out there who has totally overcome anxiety? My main problem is palpitations. As soon as i get any slight feeling in my chest or tiny palptiation i panic. Then i cant get my mind to see past them. All i think about all day long all day long is palpitations! How can i get over this? I have been waiting for CBGT since early november but everytime i ring they say i just have to wait my turn! it is so frustrating!
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I had panic/anxiety first time was over 10 years ago lasted x 3 yrs. with work and therapy and meds. (note: I held off on taking a med that changed everything back to normal) along with my work! anyway it was gone for 6 years and came back last October (allot of stress at one time) but changes anyway, If you see my Journal readings I am now almost off my med and always looking forward. I never worry about will it come back or darn I had this b4! I work on staying in the now! and by the way I know allot of people who have had Anxiety/Panic and have not experienced it again. My doctor has me doing this CBT wookbook, the forms can be downloaded but the book can't. I got mine for Military Hospital free, but you can start now, look on the computer for helpful ways to deal with your Anxiety! but you will have to screen out the ones that are only there to sell you something. but please use this forum to vent and give feedback!
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i ve had them since i was 23 am 49 now , yes they come and go as they please. mind dont come with stress or eating to much they just come  and at times when iam really happy so we are all different.  i have learn to deal with them for the most but when i have them 10 weeks in a row every other heart beat that gets to me after awhile , i alway call my cardio dr and get a 30 day event wear it after calling it in for a week or two i get use to them and they just go away.

am under stress right now with a healt scare but so far so good. its hard not to think about them, the first one brings that on like oh no when is the next one coming , we all do that . do you have anything to take to relax you so maybe they not be as bad.

hang in there remember they wont kill you just make you hate life. here if you need to talk .
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