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Can someone please help me figure out my symptoms!?

I struggle with anxiety and have been for 7 years now. Every now and then a brand new symptom will pop up that I never knew could happen. The MAIN thing I've been struggling with the past year is sinking in to the ground feeling. All the time. At least 4 days out of the week. They happen when I'm happy, sad, mad, excited. It doesn't matter if I'm anxious or not its like a never ending. What is it? Why does it happen? I'm so sick of it.

The other problem i have a lot , which i can't explain to anyone. Sometimes when I am walking at work it looks like everything around me moves a quick second. Or if I'm driving everything looks like it's moving on the side. For example, I might think a mailbox sitting perfectly still is a deer moving. Or if i go to open a door it looks like it is opening already before i touch it. What is this symptom? It is so frustrating.

I find myself being very sensitive to foods now too, all of a sudden. Carbs and sugars. Can this be anxiety related too?

Someone Please help me figure this out.


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I just now got insurance back with my work, so counseling will be something I will start doing again. It did help me a long time ago, but of course once i started feeling a little better I thought i was cured. But I never am cured, because all of a sudden something new comes along and just takes me down with it.
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Thank you for getting back with me, and I'm sorry to hear about your boy. I couldn't imagine.

I have had blood work done, I even had CT and CAT scans, Everything is okay. The doctors look at me like I'm crazy, which i could be haha. Honestly all of these problems really started occurring once I stopped taking SSRI's about a year and a half ago. Which is why i have a hard time starting new Meds now. I'm actually scared to take meds now.

I'm a mess
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In my experience with anxiety, I have noticed that it can pretty much manifest itself in almost any way imaginable.  For me, I would stop worrying about a particular symptom or worry only to have another one replace it.  

Throughout your experience with it, have you ever been to counseling?  I know for me, this helped tremendously.  I believe we tend to fear what we don't understand and confronting anxiety is no different.  By learning about it, the anxiety became extremely manageable and I recognized it for what it was.  Keep us posted!
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I'm sorry for your struggles with anxiety. It's quite terrible & difficult to live with.

It's amazing how many strange symptoms can occur from the rushes of adrenaline & cortisol & whatever else. I usually look up a new symptom to see if it's anxiety.

I have experienced those strange shifts in reality you describe. When my baby boy was in NICU (he died at 2 weeks, which is the reason for my recent upswing of anxiety that has been the worst of my life), every time I scrubbed in, I felt like the floor was tilting. Luckily, other than that, I was very calm, especially when with him. But now, almost 6 months later, I've had so many overwhelming panic attacks & strange symptoms.

I've been to doc several times, & all checks out except low vitamin D. Meds & supplements are helping. I recommend getting blood work, because confirming that you have no serious health problem will make you feel better, & you might have some chemicals out of balance aggravating the anxiety.

God bless.
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