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Can staying on 1mg of Klonopin forever be a viable option

I just cannot deal with anxiety attacks every day without it.
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Sure.  Until it stops working, but it might not.  I might disagree that you "can't" deal without it, you'd have to have tried everything to know that, but that's hard to do.  If you've been on it for a long time, quitting is going to be a long and difficult proposition.  Trying something else has an unknown outcome.  You know what you're doing is working.  I've been on it for decades now, but I wish they had never put me on it.  I wasn't told of the downsides and for me it has never done a whole lot.  I have to take a lot more to have any effect.  But I'm not dead.  I just go nuts if I forget to take it.  The main downside other than withdrawal is long-term use of benzos is believed to, in some people or many people, block the brain's ability to learn how to handle stress.  But that happens if you stop the med.  If something is working, and you've tried lots of things that didn't, it's hard to suggest not doing it.
I have cut down from 2 mgs per day to 1 mg. I also take Celexa and Gabapentin at night. I have had no problems for years, but I feel less active than I used to and have thought about trying to get off meds. I just don't want to spend a long time being miserable. I have tried before and my panic attacks returned immediately. That's why I am holding at 1mg. I am afraid of being an old woman still calling in my script every month.lol
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You might want to consider other drugs like Buspar that doesn't have the addiction baggage.  If that doesn't work?  I'm not an expert just another patient dealing with Anxiety attacks.  I think that Benzos have a place because they do work for a lot of people with Anxiety disorder.  The problem (my opinion) is that taking them daily is a mistake because you build a tolerance and it becomes harder and harder  to go without them.  Instead I think this is a drug that you should only take as needed.  So unless your in the middle of a panic attack don't take the drug.  Assume taking it will be the exception rather then the rule.   Its unlikely that you were having all day everyday panic attacks.  So why take this drug everyday?  Ask your doctor about this before you do anything because my 2 cents is just my experience and I'm not a doctor.
Agree with the benzo advice, wish I had never been told to take it every day.  No matter what you do, benzos only work a short amount of time and then wear off anyway.  But once you are on it every day for a long time, stopping is very very hard for some people.  It might not be worth it.  You can't undo what was done, though you can try to change it and see how it goes.  But Buspar doesn't have a good track record, didn't do well in clinical trials, can when combined with an antidepressant create serotonin problems, though this would be rare, something benzos don't do, and is usually only used in conjunction with something else because of it's record of not working.  For most people this won't be an alternative.  On the other hand, for the poster, if you're on gabapentin, that's basically like being on a benzo, so the combination might be catching up to you.  Don't know, but gabapentin is a kind of whole new GABA system and benzos act on the GABA system you already have.  The only approved use for the gabapentin is for a couple types of nerve pain, but it is used for anxiety off label.  It would be possible that adding that would have allowed you to stop the benzo possibly, though that would still mean going through the whole problem with stopping benzos.  Again, I wish I had been kept using benzos as needed.  When I started this mess -- and I have gotten old getting scripts -- docs didn't tell us anything and we didn't ask.  We trusted them.  That's a mistake -- you have to do homework because your docs probably know very little about the drugs they prescribe unless you're lucky enough to have a  really good one.  I didn't until it was too late, unfortunately.  All the best.
One of the biggest problems I see with chronic benzo use is that we develop tolerance over time.  Your body gets use to your dosage and it stops feeling like you took anything and you need more to get an effect. So, you have to increase the dose to do that and that becomes problematic. This is the case with many drugs we can become dependent on.  Doctors actually are well versed on medication in my opinion.  So, work with your doctor on the right medication choices for you.  good luck
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