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Constant fast heartbeat?

I've been calm, relaxed nothing wrong but my heart always is going super fast and it does make it hard to get calm I'm getting so sick of this! Does anyone know how to make this stop or at least slow it down? Thanks:)
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Thank you both. I am getting set up with a phsyciatrist soon. Hopefully it works. I am also on cylexa for mess not working yet but still trying. I will Ty the relaxation techniques you recommended thanks again:)
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Sounds like anxiety or panic but to be sure have a doctor check you out. There are medical problems that can cause a fast heart beat also.
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Sounds like anxiety or panic. Try things like lavendar spray, tea with chamomile. I have the exact same thing. I'm stubborn, however, and haven't gone on medication yet. I want to try all natural stuff. I went and bought tension tamer/reliever tea. It has catnip (opposite effect on humans than cats), chamomile, peppermint and a bunch of other stuff that really helps you relax. Drink with a tablespoon of honey.

Also, you could try not as bright lighting. Lighting in your house can affect stress levels (even if you don't FEEL stressed and you feel everything is okay, doesn't mean your body isn't stressed). Drink more water,  try yoga, relaxation music (birds always make me feel better. Water does too because it's considered white noise), get your sleeping schedule more organized.

If none of this works, make an appointment with your doctor to talk about what you've done and what else you can do to help.
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